FLIR Scout II/III 640

Brand: FLIR
Short description:
This series of night vision devices has a frame rate of 9Hz (Scout II) and 30Hz (Scout III)

The FLIR Scout II / III 640

The Scout II / III provides a clear and sharp image from early morning to late evening and in the middle of the night. Because infrared heat is used, the image is always the same, whether it is light or complete darkness.

The advantage over night vision equipment (or residual light viewers) is that with thermal imaging equipment you can easily see whether something or someone is in the woods. It also gives you the opportunity to see, for example, heat traces, such as a car that has just driven away which gives off heat. No light is needed at all to see a clear image with a thermal imaging camera. The FLIR Scout II is so compact that it easily fits in one hand and can also be operated with just one hand. Ideal for hikers, nature lovers and hunters.

The Scout II is also equipped with the so-called "InstantAlert" technology. At the push of a button, only the hottest object is displayed in red, which can be set in three positions.

- Boot up in seconds, no training required
- Detects heat sources up to approximately 1140 m
- 640 x 480 pixel LCD screen provides crisp and clear images
- Produces better scene contrast than I2 night vision
- Detector Type: 640 x 512
- Compact, lightweight and robust
- IP67 protection class
- FLIR Scout II 320: 9Hz Frame rate
- FLIR Scout III 320: 30Hz Frame rate

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