FLIR Thermal Studio Pro - 12 Months License

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Reporting Software: FLIR Thermal Studio Pro - 12 Month Subscription

FLIR Thermal Studio PRO - 12 Months License

FLIR Thermal Studio Pro helps you manage thousands of thermal images and videos, whether it be a handheld camera, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAS) or optical gas imaging (OGI) camera. This software provides the advanced processing functions you need to quickly examine critical components, troubleshoot system problems and increase productivity. Use the optional FLIR Route Creator plug-in to streamline your workflow by creating an inspection path that you can download directly to any FLIR T-Series camera with Inspection Route enabled. These routes help you obtain data and thermal images in a logical order and keep historical data for improved predictive maintenance. FLIR Thermal Studio Pro is available in over 20 languages and offers simplified image processing, so you can spend more time in the field than at your desk. FLIR Thermal Studio Pro is available as a 12-month subscription.


Download the free trial version or upgrade to full functionality with the purchase of a software license.

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