FLIR ResearchIR Software

Brand: FLIR
Short description:
IR camera control and analysis software for research and science applications
A powerful and easy-to-use thermal analysis software for camera system command and control, high speed data recording, real-time or playback analysis, and reporting.

ResearchIR is a powerful and easy-to-use thermal analysis software package for FLIR Research & Development / Science cameras. It provides camera control, highspeed data recording, image analysis and data sharing.

  • Image Display:
    Sizable image display with selectable color/grey scale palettes
  • Image Analysis Tools:
    Multiple analysis tools with user defined settings for detailed data examination
  • Image File Explorer:
    Quickly save, locate, or open previously stored images or image sequences.
  • High Resolution Image Scaling:
    Multiple image scaling modes with built-in histogram display to simplify manual scaling of the image
  • Statistic Table:
    View detailed image quantitative data for the image analysis tools
  • Temporal Plot:
    Plots the desired analysis tool result over a period of time or frame number

- Easy camera connectivity
- Customizable workspaces
- Snapshot and movie recording
- Multiple measurement modes
- Chart, graph and plot reporting
- Self viewing file
- Matlab compatible

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