FLIR E6 Point & Shoot thermal camera with 160 x 120 pixels

Article code: 63902-0202
Brand: FLIR

Short description:
The FLIR E6 thermal camera combines thermographic and visual images. The rugged camera has a thermal sensitivity of 0.06°C and 19.200 pixels.

FLIR E6 thermal camera with 160x120 pixels

The FLIR E6 is more than an affordable replacement of an infrared spot meter. The camera produces a thermal image with temperature information of each pixel. In addition, the E6 combines infrared images with visual images, the unique MSX® functionality. This makes the FLIR E6 incomparable to any one in this price class! The FLIR E6 thermal camera has four times more pixels than the FLIR E4 thermal camera and also an automatic hot/cold spot detector.

  • Resolution: 160 x 120 pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity: 0.06°C
  • Temperature range: –20°C to +250°C
  • Functions: MSX®, FLIR Tools, Visual camera
  • Focus: Focus Free (fixed)
  • Frame rate: 9 Hz
  • Field of view: 45º x 34º / 0.5 m
  • Center spot
  • Auto Hot/Cold detection
  • Picture in Picture Image
  • Manual Level and span thermal tuning
Delivery included:
  • FLIR E6 thermal camera
  • Transport case
  • Battery
  • USB-cable
  • Power Supply/Charger with EU, UK, US and AU plugs 
  • Quick guide

FLIR E6 Industrial applications:

  • Electrical - Quickly find hidden defects, quick repairs, avoid unscheduled downtime and increase plant security
  • Mechanical - Discover overheated bearings and other components
  • Utility - Scan large areas with connections and prevent failure caused by loss of income
  • Roofing - Find bad spots in your roof or roofing and be quick before leaks are likely to occur
  • Building diagnostics - Even small spots with moisture can easily be detected. Inspect floor heaters or pipes and prevent small leaks that can cause major damage
  • Energy loss - Discover missing insulation, poorly functioning HVAC systems and other problems and save money on energy bills

FLIR E6 Building applications:

  • Missing insulation - Locate missing insulation in wall, floor or roof by making a comparison with surrounding areas.
  • Water damage - Find hidden defects and water leaks
  • Airleaks - Detect air leaks around windows, window frames and doors. Timely repair saves money
  • Electrical problems - Quickly find electrical problems in the fuse box or electrical appliances
  • HVAC problems - Discover leaking pipes and bring the efficiency of your heating chart.
  • Moisture and Mold- Quickly identify moisture and mold problems and avoid injury or health problems
  • Insect Pests - Avoid annoying insect in or outside of your house. Locate the nest  and destroy them.
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  • JonasPosted on 5 August 2015 at 17:38

    Ik zocht een camera om isolatie te meten. Na telefonisch advies van jullie een voor mij betaalbare Flir e6 gekozen. Mooi beelden en MSX maakt het compleet. Ook rapporten maken lukt makkelijk. Had dringend een camera nodig voor een nieuw project, vorige week besteld en de dag erna al geleverd. Goeie service!

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