About us

As a Platinum Partner of FLIR, SENSOR BV delivers the total package of thermography. That means more than just a thermography camera. Through 25 years of experience and with our certified staff, we know what you need when it comes to thermography and heat measurement. A sound and honest advice is there at center stage.

To buy a FLIR thermal imaging camera is simple, but to buy the right camera is more difficult. We help you in your choice and provide a wide variety of training and education so you can properly handle the camera and measure correctly. In addition to a training and education SENSOR BV provides all your FLIR service from a small update to a complete calibration. For additional accessories or a possible upgrade to a camera with more features please feel free to contact us.

Whether you want to detect water leaks, pipes and floorheating, or want to detect a thermal bridge and drafts, or want to inspect an electrical cabinet or solar panels, or to detect mechanical hotspots or gas leaks or to map the energy loss of your property, because of the wide range of cameras from market leader FLIR SENSOR BV has for every application and budget the right camera.


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